Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Nutcracker Lapbook

Sheri over at Lapbooks and Scrapbooks created an adorable Nutcracker lapbook using our 3-panel Fold Up Project Base.

With our full-page cover, there is no need to split your designs in half. As you can see below, Sheri created a fantastic cover using a coloring page and some cardstock.
She made full use of all the panels.  Here is the lapbook with just one side-panel open. With the double-score folds, the panels do not pop open.
Here is a pic with both sides open, making use of all three panels on the inside.  I love how she used her stamping supplies to customize the background.
She also added a timeline of her own creation of the back.
Be sure to visit her blog post on this project for more detailed information on how she put this lapbook together, as well as some resources from her Tchaikovsky study.


Martha said...

These look like great books. I will have to check them out more closely.

Visiting you from the Crew and following you now.


Heidi said...

Thanks, Martha!